Let us take away the stress of managing your group and event travel. Our pro features give companies & travel managers more power, control, and customization.

Feature List

  • Custom site branding
  • Embeddable flight search widget
  • Pre-populated arrival & departure dates
  • Pre-populated closest airport to meeting
  • Airline class of service controls
  • Custom reporting fields *Pro Feature*
  • Trip management dashboard
  • Traveler profile management
  • Allow up to 8 people per itinerary
  • BCC email copies of itineraries
  • Flight approval process *Pro Feature*
  • Guest booking access *Pro Feature*
  • Airline reward program integration
  • Airline corporate contract(s) integration
  • Airline meeting contract(s) integration
  • Access to southwest airlines *Pro Feature*
  • Unlimited site creation
  • Open to anyone
  • Profiled travelers only access *Pro Feature*
  • Invited guest access *Pro Feature*
  • On-demand arrival and departure reports
  • Live chat with travel agents
  • Post booking phone & email reservation support
  • Access to 100 travel reports *Pro Feature*
  • Pre booking phone & email reservation support *Pro Feature*
  • Individual credit cards
  • Central bill all flights to single credit card *Pro Feature*

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